Design week: Archiproducts Milano 2021
A co-net-working space for Architects and Brands.

In collaboration with Studio Salaris, Archiproducts Milano displays 60 international brands under an overall theme they call "Future Habit(at)", which sets the stage for Design Week Milano 2021. 

On Via Tortona 31 you can visit a 600 square meters display house where DETALE CPH is showcased in two of the rooms. KABRIC Marine and KABRIC Kale are setting the stage for various meetings between architects and designers, where Archiproducts’ ambassadors will assist with new ideas and take on your projects. It’s also worth the trip for plain inspiration, so if you are in Milan during design week, make sure to pass by.
Architects and Interior Designers are every year meeting in Milan, Italy for Design week. Ways to showcase brands and products are constantly evolving, and this year DETALE CPH is represented at Archiproducts design center in Milan.  DETALE CPH is presented in a two-story concept house with an outdoor space, where thousands of visitors pass by in search of inspiration and new solutions for their projects. As a collective, brands across furniture, lighting, textiles and more, are at display in a space that holds workshops, conferences, meetings, and exhibitions.
This year, Archiproducts Milano is a manifesto for the living space of the future. It is an interactive journey, promoting a new understanding of sharing spaces in a ‘new normal’ that is sustainable, beautiful, and comfortable. This creates the perfect surroundings for showcasing the versatility of KABRIC as a decoration product, offering opportunities for both wall- and furniture decoration.

To bridge gaps between different components, a commonly used element is to adapt a monochrome colour scheme.  By matching the colour of the paint on panels and doors with your overall colour scheme, you can enhance the collective vision for the space. Interior paint in all KABRIC colours is available in our online shop. In this monochrome space, KABRIC Marine sets the frame for a fusion of interior design elements coming together to meet the growing need for flexibility in any kind of living space. It can be a bold choice to decorate an entire space in a monochrome colour scheme. But more than anything, it creates a certain “calm” and brings in a smooth feeling. If you need some inspiration on how to create a monochromic look in your own space, you can have a peak in the DETALE blog here.
The necessity of bringing sustainability into different purposes of space is not only rooted in longevity regarding timeless design, but also a greener approach in materials and production. KABRIC carries the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Without compromising on highly aesthetic results, you can be absolutely sure of creating a safe environment in your surroundings. Find out more about KABRIC and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel here.
You can read more about Archiproducts Milano here.